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Pathways for

Mindful, Embodied Change

Free Yourself
Love Your Life


Thank you for your interest in visiting this site and learning more about the various ways we might work together to assist you in finding the resolution and change you seek. It takes courage to seek help in changing deeply held and personal patterns of belief and behavior, so I honor the steps you’ve made so far that have brought you here.

My experience tells me that the deep and lasting change that allows us to live our lives with greater freedom and richness, is change which occurs through mindful attention to the full range of our living experience.


'Holistic,'  'mindbody,'  'whole-person,'  'embodied,'  'somatic,' are all terms we might use to help point us in this direction.

I invite you to continue reading to learn more about the unique ways we might collaborate to help you learn, grow, move, or get “unstuck,” in the ways you desire.


If what you read, makes sense to you, or better yet, brings hope or inspires you, please take the next step, and contact me. We can set up a brief phone conversation providing opportunity for further questions you may have. There is no fee for this consultation- Simply opportunity to make another small, but vital, step toward feeling and functioning with greater ease and freedom.

Your pathway already exists. It’s just waiting to be discovered.

Warmly,   Julie

To schedule a free phone consultation:


My Story

My Approach




Pathways for Change


is the discovery

of the possible.” 

           Fritz Perls


“Working with Julie has been extremely satisfying.  Her steady, compassionate presence has helped me shift into a stable new level of functioning, with far less time spent in reactivity and greater access to conscious choice as I go about my days.  Our time together has definitely improved the quality of my life.”         T.A., Princeton, NJ



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