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"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.

For, indeed, that's all who ever have.”        ~ Margaret Mead

Some Things
People Have Said

"When I first started working with Julie, it was during a crisis - I was trying to cope with the erratic effects of a recent traumatic brain injury that had also re-triggered old, unresolved complex childhood trauma. And I couldn’t have gotten through the volatility of that time without her. I feel like a completely different person today, and I know for the first time in my life that true healing is not only possible for me, but thatI I am firmly on its path. 


As I’ve learned, healing trauma requires deep presence and sensitivity, Julie embodies these qualities in an extraordinary way, which allows me to access unconscious memories and discover related core beliefs. Julie’s ability to so skillfully observe and respond to whatever arises in the present moment allows her to navigate around any of my habitual responses and shifting states of consciousness to gracefully guide me, through presence and mindfulness, back to healing at the deepest levels. Julie has an amazing ability to help me pause and slow down enough to feel what is really here, and to tap into my own innate wisdom.


I am continually amazed at the depths we go to in every session, the insights she helps me gain, and the trust and safety she creates by her unwavering presence, patience and compassion. From the minute I step into Julie’s office, until the minute I leave, I feel 100% seen and supported. Doing this work with Julie as my guide, has been deeply transformative, and incredibly empowering, and I am beyond grateful to have found her when I did."         P.C., Newtown, PA

"I began to see Julie after years of talk therapy to heal the effects of trauma I suffered as a teen. Through Hakomi and other somatic-based techniques Julie has helped me to stay centered in my body, to locate where emotions show up, to feel them and process them. Julie is gentle, as are the Hakomi methods she uses.


She is insightful, clear-headed, compassionate and very talented at what she does. Julie has helped me understand that my body’s defenses are always working to keep me safe, and how the memories and stories I tell myself get played out and interfere with what’s actually happening in the present moment. These realizations have helped reduce my self-judgment and sense of shame, and be more present in my daily life.


Now, rather than being run by old conditioned reactions or the continual stories and beliefs I've held about myself, I can more mindfully observe my emotions and thoughts. This gives me more choice in how I respond to situations that arise every day. This somatic therapy experience has been so freeing and empowering for me. I feel more healthy and whole than I ever have before."         W.S., Doylestown, PA

"I first found Julie because I was interested in body-based therapy. I was in my Masters and working in a difficult job that involved caring for people. Through much time with Julie, I began to be able to notice when difficult emotions were arising. I realized when I was being triggered, and our time gave me tools to recover more quickly. I also grew in my ability to sit with difficult emotions, both mine and those of others.


Additionally, Julie helped me discover deep beliefs I was holding that led to me unconsciously engaging in reactive behavior that I found unhelpful. The list could go on, but one of the greatest gifts Julie gave me was the realization that I had space and time to go slow around these difficult parts of myself. Her ability to hold my experience with compassion increased my own ability to be compassionate towards myself. I cannot fully convey how grateful I am for my time with her."         M.B., Princeton, NJ

"Hope is an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart.

It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty

that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out."
                                                                                                          -- Vaclav Havel

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