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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

                        ~  Anais Nin

My Story

Certified Hakomi Practitioner,

Somatic Facilitator & Coach,

Certified Health Coach, Adrenal Health Coach

Certified Mental Health/Addiction Nutrition Coach

For over 30 years I have been a somatic practitioner. This mindbody orientation has reached across a broad range of fields that include:

  • health and wellness- whole food nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress management

  • movement for healing and creative expression

  • mental health and behavioral change, contemporary neuropsychology, and trauma resolution

  • bodywork and energy healing

  • transformative organizational and embodied leadership practices

I have found all these areas rich for helping remember, understand, and embody the wholeness of who we already are; and the potential we have for healing, and living more full, embodied, satisfying lives.

Much of my understanding is the result of integrating more than 35 years of study and practice with a personal life journey that’s included managing and resolving both early-life trauma and a chronic adrenal dysfunction condition of my own.

I believe this integration of personal and professional learning and healing; using all of the above resources, provides me unique insight and understanding of the challenges many of my clients face in their daily lives; and how to help them move through and find healing, resolution, and greater resilience to face the challenges life presents.

I know that true well-being requires the participation of our whole selves—thoughts, beliefs, feelings, physical activity and vitality, inspiration and creative expression, relationships and interdependence, safety, spiritual development, meaningful work, wholesome nourishing foods, healthy sleep and other daily rhythms.

When any, or many, of these aspects of our lives are undernourished or over stressed, our well-being is compromised. As a body-centered practitioner, I have a comprehensive understanding of the quality of attention required for real change to occur; change, at core levels, that alters our perceptions and life experience in ways that we can find consistent and lasting. 

The variety of somatic modalities I've studied, practiced and facilitated include The Hakomi Method, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Re-Creation of the Self experiential psychotherapy methods; authentic Movement, Motional Processing, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy; hatha yoga, tai chi and gigong, myofacial meridian techniques, and other embodiment practices. These modalities provide opportunities for embodied listening, learning and exploration; forging pathways for deep personal discovery and self-understanding, in physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual and creative realms.

I've worked with many populations of people, including children, seniors, people living with a variety of chronic physical and mental illnesses; in a variety of settings including private, community, corporate, institutional, healthcare, and academic. I work with individuals, both privately and in groups, who are ready to explore and change the deeply held, limiting beliefs and patterns that keep them stuck, confused, or suffering in any way.


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