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It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
                                  ~ Henry David Thoreau
Education & Training

B.A./M.A. – Somatic and Embodiment Studies, Holistic Health Education

     Goddard College


Certified Hakomi Somatic Psychtherapy Practitioner

     Comprehensive Professional Training - Hakomi Institute 

     Hakomi Somatic Psychotheray, Advanced Training– M. Grace/ P. DelPrince


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Treatment of Trauma, Professional Training

     Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Treatment of Trauma

     Advanced Professional Training,- Janina Fisher


Re-Creation of the Self Model of Human Systems

     Jon Eisman, Founder - META (Mindful, Experiential Therapy Approaches)

Certified HeartMath Clinical Intervention Practitioner

     Heartmath Institute


Certified Holistic Health/Wellness Coach

     Institute of Integrative Nutrition


Certified Recovery Nutrition Coach

     Nutrition Therapy for Addiction/Mental Health Recovery

     Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition- C. Veselak


Holistic Lifestyle Coach Training

     C.H.E.K. Institute


Authentic Movement / Contemplative Dance Yearlong (I & II)

     D. Lowell & A. Wasson


Motional Processing, Professional Training

     A. Rutkowski


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Levels l & ll

     Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy


Tai Chi for Arthritis, Teacher Training

     Paul Lam, MD


Myofascial Meridian Techniques for Yoga and Movement Therapists

     T. Myers, Kinesis, Inc.


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

     E. Schiffmann


Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis, Teacher Training

     E. Small


Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing, Master Level

     M. Hirsh

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