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"To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”         ~ Mary Oliver


Somatic, Experiential Psychotherapy

Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy is a unique and compassionate approach to developing new ways of being that foster freedom from persistent painful emotions and behaviors. It helps us cultivate more satisfying relationships, and generally increase our ease and pleasure in everyday living.

As a somatic method, we work directly with nonverbal experience and expression. This direct route to unconscious habitual beliefs and behaviors also relieves the need for long conversations about past experience, and offers gentle, supportive ways to process and transform old beliefs into new insights and options for moving forward.

Hakomi is based on the idea that much of our everyday suffering is rooted in unconscious beliefs that are no longer true, relevant or necessary to our present life. The method is designed to bring such beliefs into conscious awareness so that we may free ourselves from them, and support a more current and meaningful way of being.

Hakomi is collaborative—your interest directs the process, which is gently structured and guided. We cultivate a mindset of curiosity, non-judgement, and mindful self-awareness to be open to learning more about the patterns you’d like to change.

Somatically integrating insights and transformed beliefs helps create the new pathways needed for the positive, healthful changes you seek, to become sustainable and lasting.

More fully embodying and living your life in each present moment becomes very  possible.

"I can trust my experience... I have learned that my total organismic sensing of a situation is more trustworthy than my intellect… Experience is, for me the highest authority."
                                                                                 ~Carl Rogers
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